Iridium flare light across a cloud?

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 23:32:56 EDT

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    I just saw a -8 Iridium flare at an elevation of 59 degrees toward the ENE.
    It occurred through a high thin narrow cloud. About two seconds before the
    maximum brightness I swear I saw its light sweep across the cloud. I cannot
    say for certain which direction the light was moving but I think it was
    going in the opposite direction of the moving satellite, which was moving
    Is it possible I saw the light sweep across the cloud before it "swept" by
    me on the ground?
    Tom  Iowa  USA
    Latitude: 42.473513              42 deg  28' 25"
    Longitude: -92.360413          92 deg  21' 37"
    Meters above sea level: 274
    Time zone: USA Central Daylight Time, GMT -5
    Local Time: 22:05:06
    Object altitude: 59 degrees  Direction ENE  of travel: South
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