Re: ISS/ Venus transit....... Captured in Slovakia !!!

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 16:13:41 EDT

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    I have done some analysis of Tomas' transit.
    I decided to use a TLE I just obtained from Ralph McConahy at . [Thanks Ralph and all the others that e-mailed
    me!] Having that I went to MapQuest at and entered the latitude and
    longitude of Stupava that I obtained elsewhere. That got me close. Then I
    changed the coords until I was centered on the middle of town. I input that
    into my TheSky software but the ISS missed the sun. To simplify matters I
    changed only the latitude and moved southward until I got a closest match to
    the sequence given at
    I narrowed the search down to a possible location for what appears to me to
    be a two-for-one double transit (looks like Venus got nabbed too!).
    The location and time is 48d 15m 40s N, by 17d 1m 52s E. [Decimal values are
    48.2611 N by 17.0311 E.] I used 445 meters altitude (obtained from H-A) and
    a time correction of GMT +2. I obtained the time correction someplace on the
    Internet. I may be wrong in that.
    The time that the ISS was transiting Venus was (as far as I can tell) close
    to 13h  09m 18s --local time--.
    The location that I used here is about 1 km south of the center of town of
    I would appreciate it if others could verify the possibility of this
    information being close to the actual values.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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