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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 14:13:44 EDT

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    > A friend of mine reported me that at around 22:00 GMT June 1, 2004, one
    > object was seen in the sky in North Portugal and several Spanish
    > locations.
    Hello Oscar,
    There has been a mail exchange on this topic on both the 'meteorobs' and the
    'meteorite-central' mailinglists:  (but the archive for June seems currently unavailable) (where several of the meteorobs messages were
    forwarded too by Bob Verish)
    There are Radar detections of this object, pointing to altitudes between
    2100 and 12100 meter and speeds near 800 km/h. It appeared on the south
    coast coming from the Spain-Portugal border, then turned towards Lisbon, and
    flew northwards just inside the coastline. You can exclude this being a
    decay (and certainly not Progress M1-11). Instead, this must have been
    something of an aircraft of some sort. Maybe something going from Gibraltar
    to the UK. Different sightings in the south and north of Portugal are spaced
    some 20 minutes.
    There are some definite oddities regarding this object (e.g., why did the
    Portugese Air Force apparently not try an interception?): but it is nothing
    satellite related IMHO. Even though the video image shot looks  a bit like a
    satellite burn: see
    - Marco
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