Re: accuracy of ISS / Venus transit track

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 16:42:36 EDT

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    Thanks Denis- indeed most programs that are capable of searching for transits
    are observer-oriented, and so don't produce ground tracks.
    The angular size of Venus on June 8 will be about 58", and for a 63 elevation
    transit of Venus, the 73 meter width of the main solar panels corresponds to
    about 37" (if oriented perpendicular to the line of sight, as Mike Tyrrell and
    Phil Masding's ISS VRML simulator suggests may nearly be the case, at least in
    some places), or about 2/3 the size of Venus.
    Your results therefore match mine basically to the size of the ISS itself, which
    means that "improved" accuracy (except for using accurate values for the local
    elevation above sea-level) may be quite pointless, since it's unlikely that the
    TLE available on June 7 will be able to locate the ISS's center of mass to
    better than 73 meters- or even anything particularly close to 73 meters...
    I'll pass along the link to your program, for anyone that may be interested:
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