Re: Possible re-entry?

From: Richard Crisp (
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 16:39:15 EDT

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    here is a story that features three video clips that show the night turning
    into day. the video came from security cameras.
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    > I am sure that is correct because we had a very high Shuttle reentry here
    > over Seattle about ten years ago. It was about 50 miles high and only had
    > single boom but followed by "rolling thunder" for a few seconds. Since it
    > was a single object I would be inclined to say the later thunder was from
    > terrain features but I supposed some sort of effect from atmospheric
    > layers could be an explanation.
    > Dale
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    > >  Multiple boom followed by a few seconds of "rolling thunder".
    > The "rolling thunder" seems to be a feature of such events.  I was in El
    > Paso in October 1997 when a bolide exploded a bit east of town and heard
    > similar rumbling:
    > My suppostion is that it's produced by reflections of the primary boom
    > local terrain features, but it would be interesting to find out for sure.
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