Degrees or Arc minutes to Km's

From: Russ Bessom (
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 18:28:46 EDT

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    Greetings all,
    I know this is off topic but I didn't know what other group to pose this
    question...What is the equivalent of Arc minutes to Km's  or Degrees to
    Km's.  I just observed The Noss 2-3 triplet going through Ursa Major with my
    binos and started to think if all three can fit in my field of view and my
    field of view is 1.8 degrees in diameter and at the end of the pass the
    leader and follower were just at the maximum of my field of view.  How many
    Km's apart would they be if I could translate degrees into Km's?  I measured
    angular separation between two of them (leader and follower) and came up
    with around 1d and 41m.
    That reminds me of a question someone asked me awhile back which was, which
    state in the United States would fit nicely into the bowl of the big dipper?
    The big dipper being 10d by 5d, it didn't appear to be that big for a state
    to fit inside of it or am I wrong...I didn't know...anyone out there care to
    take a stab?
    Russ Bessom
    Lat 49d 14m 0s N
    Lon 7d 19m  0s E
    325 mtr UTC +1.00
    Zweibruecken Germany
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