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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 15:26:50 EDT

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    Excellent page!
     Maybe you need to visit down here for a week or two :-)
     The following lunar and solar transits are expected in New Zealand in the
     near future (all times UTC - local time is UTC plus 12.)
     Twilight lunar:
     1 Jul 2003 05:23:50.00  to  05:23:57.00
     This transit will be over Christchurch which is one of our major cities.
     However illumination of the moon is only 1 percent that day.
     Daytime lunar:
     2 July 2003 04:28:25:00 to 04:28:29:00
     This one is within range of Wellington City, also near Eastbourne, some
     parts of the Rimutaka Forest Park and the Southern Wairarapa Coast
    (Palliser Bay.)  Illumination is only a little better at 4 percent.
     I  have taken some steps to try and get our local observatory into action
    on this transit.  Unfortunately owing to work commitments  it is not
     practicable for me to try and visit at the time.
     Many thanks to Kevin Fetter for his assistance in providing the tracks for
     the transits. Acknowledgements also to Calsky which initially alerted me to
     Kevin  has also alerted me to a solar transit on 7 July  from 2:51:06 to
     2:51:22 UTC.    This is one for the hikers (we call them trampers here) and
     farmers as it starts on the West Coast of the South Island,  crosses the
     Southern Alps and finishes in North Canterbury.  The most accessible places
     are towards the end of the pass and it appears could be reached relatively
     easily from Christchurch.
     I am not aware of any subscribers from New Zealand on this list (I have
    been doing my best to make it known here)  but if anyone wants more detailed
     information on suitable  viewing locations please let me know.
     Robert Holdsworth
     New Zealand
     41.2610S, 174.9470E
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