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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 03:27:33 EDT

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    At 14:33 27/06/03, Vilis Miklasevics wrote:
    >I found you folks in the FAQ section at Heavens Above.
    >My name is Vilis. I've lived in Toronto, CANADA all of my life - and I'm a
    >NIGHT person.
    >Last night I was at a garden party just northeast of the city. At around
    >2150 local time, I saw two satellites - about 10 deg. apart on the SAME
    >trajectory - pass through the Summer Triangle. I pointed this out to other
    >guests and they were also astounded by the "double". My best estimate was a
    >W to E direction. (maybe SE to NW). Maximum altitude was ~80 deg.
    >I had seen another satellite earlier on - on a somewhat similar track.
    >Heavens Above doesn't show two (or three) satellites on a similar
    >Forgive me for the following: I remember it was 10 minutes to the hour when
    >I saw the "double" - but the more I think, the less I'm sure whether it was
    >2150 or 2250. Also, my watch may have been up to fifteen minutes late. Given
    >all of the preceding, I can't reconcile with the information at Heavens
    >If necessary, I'll go back and fix my coordinates better - but there doen't
    >seem to be a match of any kind.
    Your observation couldnt have been of the GRACE satellite pair, as passes
    of that are currently after midnight for your part of the world.
    Even allowing for the ambiguity in the date involved,( june 25 or June 26),
    it cant seem to be any of the NOSS-2 triplets, or the USA-160 pair either,
    th 2-1 has no visible passes and 2-2 & 2-3 dont seem to to any possible
    time or direction. This was all checked using HA facilities.
    Tony Beresford
    Adelaide , So. Australia
    -34.9638, 138.6333E
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