Sirius 1 and other obs.

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Sun Jun 22 2003 - 12:32:38 EDT

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    I was able to find Sirius 1 last night with my 8" under not-so-dark and
    not-so-clear skies.  I estimate that it was magnitude 11.5 or 12
    and Ed did not disagree with me.  We watched it for about 8 minutes
    about altitude 50, azimuth 124 at a range of 22000 miles.
    Sirius 1
    1 26390U 00035A   03171.20020180 -.00000086  00000-0  10000-3 0  4986
    2 26390  63.1057 274.5569 2695101 269.7916  59.7673  1.00269383 10893
    ETS 6 was seen varying from about 8.5 to 11 at 9000 miles.  Its
    tumble period seems to have nearly stabilized after 6 years at
    about 8.5 seconds.
    Ed spotted Telstar 402 flashing to about magnitude 2.5 just before
    shadow entry.  Period 3.1 seconds.  Range 2700 miles.
    The GPS 52 Delta rocket (27705) came over us at 145 miles - magnitude 1.
    An old DMSP - object 05903 was seen to vary from magnitude 5.5 to 7.5.
    Object 01815 - France 1 Scout rocket was seen about magnitude 9.5.
    Debris object 22417 (1992-93DJ) was seen varying from 9.5 to inv.
    LRE was not seen at 12000 miles - has anyone ever seen LRE?
    On Friday evening I spotted object 25397 - TechSat 1B at about
    magnitude 9.5 or 10 as it went straight down in the northwest
    after shadow exit.  Ed has seen many objects as abnormally bright
    in our northwest in the last couple of weeks as they go down
    in our northwest directly towards the sun.  The big ones are often
    "one power".  IGS 1B is often seen "one power" at about 16 degrees
    up in the northwest after shadow exit, but it is much fainter at the
    same range when it is in the northeast.  This also seems to be true
    of the other objects.  So they are "flaring" when they are between us
    and the sun?
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX
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