Re: June 15'03 Sat NOAA6 and a unid..

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 01:08:26 EDT

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    At 00:39 16/06/03, chiayk1 wrote:
    >    a) NOAA 6  gives a bright flare pass near Kappa Centarus and beta
    >    b) Then I found an UNID  as I gazed at the familiar trapezoid
    >tau1,tau2, iota, and ?. Then I noticed something strange. A 'double*'
    >star was seen ... I checked my map - no double  there and then I look at
    >the monitor again, one of the intruder moves!  * position RA 14h 20m
    >55.79s, Dec - 45d12m19.3s
    >    I placed both ( x1 image) and x1 map of the UNID in this quickie
    >page.. . ( travelling slowing at around 5 minutes for a degree
    >motion...mag !5+)
    YK Chia sent me time by ( 12:45:05 UT) by private mail.
    Cant make a match with alldat.tle, or IMP8 or geotail,wind, soho,ace.
    The direction of motion seems to disqualify objects in Molniya type orbits.
    Do other list members have any suggestions?
    Tony Beresford
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