satellite transits the sun ? + introduction

From: Wim Holwerda (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 16:58:05 EDT

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    Dear list,
    Although I am not a novice satellite observer; my "history" goes back to
    approx. 1967, I am afraid many of you will not know me because lately I have
    not been very active as an observer due to other obligations. So here is a
    short introduction to myself. I am 53 years of age and am living in Loon op
    Zand in the Netherlands (lat. 51 37' 34" N, long. 05 05' 07" E, elev. + 10
    m). During the late 60's and the 70's I participated in national and
    international (e.g. Moonwatch and the Satellite Orbits Group at Slough UK)
    programmes for position measurements. Later I became a member of the BWGS
    and observed flash periods of satellites. Also I am editor of a magazine "De
    Kunstmaan" for the Dutch Working Group Satellites (mainly radioamateurs for
    Now the reason for this message; could anyone please help me with the
    following observation:
    On 27 May a friend of mine noticed while observing the sun, a black dot
    transiting the solar disk and he wondered if this might have been a
    satellite. It crossed the sun from West to East in approx. 8 sec
    (estimated). It left the solardisk at 06h29m52s (UT) at the Eastern rim. The
    coordinates of the observer are: lat. 51 32' 50" N, long. 05 04' 48" E.
    My comment: if indeed this was a satellite it should have been at a
    considerable distance from the earth (several thousands of kilometers) given
    the slow movement. Would it be possible to see such an object agains the
    solar disk with the aid of a telescope ?
    I am looking forward to your comments and possibly you could shed some light
    on this subject.
    Regards, Wim Holwerda.
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