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From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 12:12:52 EDT

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    > I didn't keep Ed's TLE, since 51 deg is difficult at my latitude, and ISS orbit "impossible" right now.  Did he give predicted
    future elsets?
    Actually, I did stuff Ed's TLE into WorldView (which started out largely as a project in 3D simulation, then graduated into an email
    alert system for ISS lunar & solar transits-, but it produced a track
    apparently identical to the ISS.  I didn't try to look at it in the debugger to figure out if it was a problem with the TLE, or a
    program anomaly (this was the first time I'd tried to use a TLE other than for the ISS).
    > Right now, last 5 elsets from OIG start:
    PROGRESS M1-10
    1 27823U 03025A   03161.21778569  .00071333  00000-0  26443-3 0   134
    2 27823  51.6332  55.5129 0006943 304.0056 206.3883 15.87406827   289
    > So the perigee of ISS 385 km, and the apogee of Progress is 314 km, i.e., not in transfer orbit yet, and distance is
    "meaningless" -
    becomes 0 in the horizontal direction Wednesday 09:13 UTC.
    I didn't happen to think that OIG would have the TLE for Progress!  However, Progress would surely be in virtually the same orbital
    plane as the ISS, though with a different (apparently shorter) orbital period until it reaches an optimal point for the rendezvous
    maneuver.  So it seems that when the ISS passes over near me tonight, at around 2:10 UTC, Progress shouldn't be far behind, and with
    a time lag that decreases every hour.
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