RE: Mars Express TLE?

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Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 23:24:02 EDT

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    JPL publishes the CARTESIAN VECTORS which you can use in the planetarium
    program Dance of The Planets to generate ephemerides and graphic views of
    interplanetary trajectories, flybys etc. As far as I know, this old program
    Dance of the Planets is the only "amateur consumer" software that will do
    this. If anyone knows of a more up to date program with this ability I would
    like to hear about it.
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    At 02:55 5/06/03, Edward S Light wrote:
    >The following has just appeared from OIG ...
    >1 27816U 03022A   03153.74696760 -.00003884 +12281-4 +00000-0 0 00003
    >2 27816 051.7550 167.6480 0000010 000.0000 088.2820 16.35650938000006 
    >1 27817U 03022B   03153.74696759 -.00003884 +12281-4 +00000-0 0 00002
    >2 27817 051.7550 167.6480 0000010 000.0000 088.2820 16.35650938000007
    >Can they be presumed to represent the initial, parking orbit of the 
    >Mars spacecraft?
    Certainly Ed.
    Those list members who like keeping track of future interplanetary launches
    from Baikonur should store these away somewhere.
    The two US Mars launches predicted trajectories are available for ephemeris
    generation on JPL's HORIZON website. (
    ) Separate choices are given for the 2 launch windows. A quick check using
    Munich's co-ordinates shows that For the MER-A launch window 1 at June 8,
    visibility at Munich low in the SE at a range of 150,000Km just before local
    dawn of June 9. Tony Beresford
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