Re: ISS radio voice transmissions

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 19:53:51 EDT

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    Here are a couple other replies I got in response to this question:
    I use a Icom PCR-100. It will copy all but the CW.
    An Icom PCR-1000 will copy everything but is more expensive.
    Bill  KA8VIT
    Your best bet is to try to listen to the FM transmissions, which are within and near the amateur radio 144-148 MHz band.  I doubt
    that a simple whip antenna would suffice--to best hear these, you should purchase a small portable hand-held Yagi antenna which you
    can point to the particular region of the sky.  These antennas are available at amateur radios stores such as HRO and AES, or you
    can construct one yourself.
    Outside of actually owning a radio aimed at the amateur market, I would suggest that you consider either a wide-band scanner that
    you can program to the frequencies needed, or you may wish to consider a hand-held radio such as the Yaesu VR-500.
    Also, I hope you are aware of a program called SatScape, whih is free and includes the predicted location of the ISS on the world,
    with its footprint for reception.
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