Re: ISS radio voice transmissions

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 13:22:54 EDT

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    For anybody else who's interested:
    > Pretty much any handheld "police scanner" radio will work, providing you are talking about 145.800 FM. If in doubt while looking
    at a used one, just punch it in and listen for static. The 143.625 is wideband and does not sound very good on a standard scanner.
    If the scanner includes aircraft you can hear the 120-130 MHz signals, even using AM mode, with a little distortion. I've never
    heard audio on 166/923. The 259.7 is AM and seems to seldom be used except for Shuttle launches. Also remember that you'll get maybe
    10 minutes of comms on a good pass.
    > If buying new look for "all-mode", "continuous coverage" models. ICOM has a good one.
    > Curt
    > Hi, over here in midconus i receive when in range ISS and others using a AR2500 and a uniden bc9000 base scanner and at times when
    i am out fishing i pick them up on a Ar1000 hand held with an mfj amp, although i used to pick them up on an old portable Pro92
    scanner at times (VHF). a pawn shop should have a good used scanner pretty cheap that would be able to pick them up. hope this helps
    a little??
    > 73's rod
    > Hi Thomas, I can't recommend a portable radio, but I've had the same question for years.  If you find one please let me know...
    > Thanks, Russ Bessom
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