Re: A new satellite for the L2 Lagrangian point

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 15:18:19 PDT

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    > No. Although some magnetotail probes have passed through the 
    > vicinity
    > of Earth-Sun L2, none have been stationed here. But MAP will be the
    > first of many, there are about 10 spacecraft planned for L2 in the
    > next decade. The majority of new major astronomy spacecraft will
    > be either at L2 or in Earth-trailing solar orbit, both of which
    > will provide interesting challenges for SeeSat-L observers.
    Just curious - how large is L2?  Is it just one precise point, is it
    multi-km ^ 3 ?  If you're going to fit 10 spacecraft at L2, I would think
    that L2 would be at least 100 km ^ 3 (if it's smaller than that, then
    you're going to have a risk of collision that will be greater than
    intentional ignorance).
    Just to be sure - we're talking about L2 in the Sun - Earth system,
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