Re: Lunar Geosynch orbit question !

From: Antonín Vítek (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 05:44:52 PDT

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    Rick Baldridge wrote:
    > Not quite.  L2 Lagrange point is on a LINE with the Sun and the Earth,
    > further out than the Earth, with the Moon's orbit well inside.  L2 does NOT
    > follow the Moon, therefore, it does NOT stay in-sync with the "far side" of
    > the Moon.
    I disagree.  Lagrangian points L1 thru L5 are present in EACH two-body system,
    eg. Sun-Earth (this is descrived in cited e-mail), but also in e.g. Sun-Jupiter
    system (there are in the vicinity of point L3 and L4 asteroids called Troians).
    Stability of orbits of object inserted in Lagrangian points depends mainly on
    disturbing gravitational forces of other celestial bodies. As the influence of
    the Sun on the Earth-Moon system is rather strong, the use of Langrangien point
    in Earth-Moon system might be questionable (thi is only a guess, proof might be
    done only using rather complicated numerical integration of orbits in question).
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