Re: Lunar Geosynch orbit question !

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 01:24:10 PDT

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    At 00:46 28/06/01 , Musson Bruce E wrote:
    >Can a satellite be put into Geosynchronous orbit around the Moon, or is the
    >Earth's gravity just too much of an influence.
    your gut feeling is wrong. The orbital radius for a satellite which rotates
    in 27.3 days around the Moon is about 75000km. This is far outside any
    realizable orbit around the Moon, due to the pertubations due to the
    Sun and the Earth. The only alternative is utilizing the langrangian
    points of the Earth-Moon system as Jim King , and B Magnus B{ckstr|m <> have already pointed out. As I pointed out to 
    Rick Baldridge in a private e-mail, the L2 point in the Earth Moon
    system has already been utilised (radio astronomy explorer )
    though because of the halo orbit, I dont think the emmisions
    of homo sapiens cold be ignored completely
    Tony Beresford
    Adelaide, So. Australia
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