odd sight... fuel dump? of what?

From: Terry Pundiak (terrypun@fast.net)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 19:41:44 PDT

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    This evening at 9:16 EDT a group of us were watching a few astronomy objects
    near Allentown, PA's (lat 40.6, long -75.5) Lehigh Valley International
    Airport, when an odd sight was seen 30 degrees in the south.  Particularly
    weird was I was just starting on my story about a UFO I had seen several
    years ago (which was easily identified through a telescope as two large
    planes in the act of refueling quit neat) At that moment what we saw was
    really strange.  At first it was surely an airplane shining its landing
    lights as if it were flying to the right in a fog so as to see its diverging
    shine flaring out to the right as if it were flying right and were were next
    to an airport so it just was neat. It was extremely sharp at its left side
    and its upper and lower boundaries but it was odd as the sky was crystal
    clear and it was odd as the  was getting larger as if coming to toward us.
    I really couldn't  see the light source of the head light ever and as our
    group watched, it just became an amorphous faint cloud and faded away - all
    in about 15 seconds.  To go from such a distinct thin pie shaped object to a
    fading round blob -  all about 1 to 2 degrees wide.
    Could this have been a fuel dump?  Was it too large? Were any new rockets up
    there this evening?
    Hope this wasn't too ridiculous to report.
    Terry Pundiak, 
    Easton, PA
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