Re: geo sats.. Bright ones?

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 01:15:14 PDT

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    Kevin asked:
    >Has anyone seen the newest milstar that was going to be at 90 
    >degrees west, accordeing to spaceflight now. I wonder how bright 
    >it is?
    Rick Baldridge and Mike McCants (and I via Mike's telescope) have 
    seen an unknown geosat (90009, 01-572A) that according to Ted 
    Molczan's Geolong program is in a slightly inclined (2.7 degrees) 
    orbit at 100.9 west, very near the longitutde of DirecTV 3 or DBS 3 
    (23598, 95-029A).  My recollection is that it was never as bright 
    as DBS 2 and 3, even during "flaring geosat" season, so maybe it's 
    about +12 to +13 usually (?).  See the March 2001 SeeSat-L archives 
    under the subject "Unidentified Geosat":
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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