Re: Triple Lunar Satellite Transit - Jun 24/01

From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 12:17:24 PDT

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    Mark Hanning-Lee wrote:
    Hi Mark,
    > Cool! Good luck with the events.
        I will definitely set my gear up for possible photos. I am not
    optimistic since it will not be as dark as I would like and I have yet to
    acquire a satisfactory CCD device.
    > Note: if your prediction shows a transit by Soyuz-TM-32/Progress M1-6
    > but NOT by ISS, then you have different elsets for things that are
    > actually docked together. In which case one elset is wrong, and we must
    > wonder which is correct. I usually go by the elset of the biggest
    > component, ISS.
         I also find this amusing as I would have expected the two to be in
    hand-in-hand ... either both or none. My elset for Souyz reads as follows:
    SOYUZ TM 32   :   8 x   3
    1 26749U 01017A   01170.84182694  .00023886  00000-0  26815-3 0   654
    2 26749  51.5695  75.2606 0016447 182.2879 177.7802 15.62349582  8214
    whereas for the ISS I have
    ISS           :  20 x  10
    1 25544U 98067A   01172.14846569  .00046042  00000-0  50686-3 0  1169
    2 25544  51.5715  68.6551 0016883 186.4473 328.1006 15.62493694147692
    It is obvious from the above that the elset for the ISS is just over a day
    more recent which raises a potential warning flag for the Soyuz module.
    Nevertheless, I am still somewhat surprised as both elsets are quite fresh.
    > (This used to happen with Mir: Mir and the KVANTs often had different
    > elsets. Predictions of MIR passes were correct, predictions of KVANT
    > passes were wrong.)
    Which gets back to the obvious question about elsets being forced to be the
    same since we are talking about the same entity.
    > Why can't OIG keep track of this? It would seem a simple analyst
    > operation: If ISS is docked to Soyuz-TM-32/Progress M1-6, then force
    > elsets to be the same.)
    Precisely. Only NASA knows .... :-)
    > Mark
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