ISS eclipses

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 12:32:33 PDT

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    As I watched the ISS fade into darkness the other night, I wondered if a
    person could notice it eclipse a star it passes in front of it while the
    station is in shadow. The eclipse would be very quick even under optimum
    conditions I'm sure. I suspect a fast response photodetector that produces a
    tracing of the event would show it.
    Any comments?
    P.S. Anybody that wants to see the effects that various perturbations has on
    several mobile objects attracting each other and reflecting off of walls
    should check out the "Impact and Gravity Simulator" at:  It is awesome!  I wish I
    could set it up as a screen saver!  I especially like the tracing option at
    the maximum gravity setting.  When you first bring up the page, simply click
    on start.
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