Galaxy Transit

From: Eric Briggs (
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 17:24:46 PDT

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    Hi, my name's Eric.  I was on the list for a neat little while last year and
    got some hints that helped me find an article about the Japanese rocket
    mistaken for a UFO during the Perseid meteor shower about 13 years ago.  I'm
    doing more observing now and I wanted to follow up on one of the lots of
    high-orbiting satellites that I find accidentally.
    My position is 45.1321N, 79.5585W according to , and
    I've tested that down to the second with several bright Iridium flashes.
    The time was 2:55:10 UT on Sunday, June 10th.  A high-flying satellite
    transited the Virgo galaxy M90.  So what was it?
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