Re: Possibly "silly" questions

From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 03:17:59 PDT

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    On Fri, 15 Jun 2001 10:03:03 +1200, you (Steve Adams
    <>) wrote:
    >Am I also right in thinking that an object in space that is accelerating
    >following a thrust but without further thrusts, will continue to increase
    >it's speed, (indefinitely), until controlled by reverse thrusts, hitting
    >another object or encountering a strong gravitational field?
    Uhm, no. That would be a hell of a propulsion method, the definite
    perpetuum mobile - just give it a slight boost and it will keep
    accelerating, wow. Proxima Centauri, here we come! :)
    No, an increase in speed, an acceleration, requires a thrust. If the thrust
    ends, the acceleration will drop to zero, i.e. the speed will be maintained
    (given that there are no other influences, such as gravity).
    CU!	Markus
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