Possibly "silly" questions

From: Steve Adams (steve.adams@pdl.co.nz)
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 15:03:03 PDT

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    Hi List
    Thanks to those who have responded - especially Tony Beresford who pointed
    me to some excellent photos.
    I find it amazing to think there is so many satellites up there keeping an
    eye on us!
    What I find interesting about these is the fact that they would appear to be
    still or travelling in "reverse" compared to other stellar objects.
    Another interest is that, at the distance above the equator they are, they
    must be travelling at phenomenal speeds to achieve geostationary and even
    greater for geosynchronous orbits, (when compared to surface and air travel
    speed records).  
    Am I also right in thinking that an object in space that is accelerating
    following a thrust but without further thrusts, will continue to increase
    it's speed, (indefinitely), until controlled by reverse thrusts, hitting
    another object or encountering a strong gravitational field?
    Now - To get a telescope and try to see some.
    Again - thanks for your responses.
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