Re: 01022A-Information please

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 19:21:33 PDT

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    > "Kosmos-2377 was launched on May 29 into a 165 x 358 km x 67.1 deg 
    > orbit,
    > typical of the Yantar' class reconnaissance satellite. This 
    > generation
    > of Yantar', possibly called Kobal't, carries a large recoverable 
    > capsule
    > containing the camera system and film, as well as two small film
    > capsules returned during the mission. The satellite will probably
    > remain in space for around 120 days with a landing around Sep 26."
    I had thought the days of returning film back down to the Earth from
    recon. satellites was over - that everybody now uses digital imagers in
    orbit, and just beam the data back down to Earth?  I would think that the
    later would be cheaper - such a satellite would have a lifetime of around
    10 years.
    Perhaps the Russians merely have some old satellites just laying around
    on the shelf?  And want to put them to some use?
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