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From: Roger (
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 10:43:35 PDT

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    I've only been mildly interested in observing sats.  I remember scouring
    the skys in the 70's to catch a glimps of skylab.  A few months back the
    paper listed MIR sightings; I managed to see that one before it's
    Anyway,  with Skylab and MIR out of the way, I decided I'd check out ISS,
    which brought me to the list.  After reading some of these posts, I've
    figured out that there are differences in the objects to be viewed. (well
    My question is, what are some of more interesting things to be watching
    for.  I'm waiting for some clear skys to try and catch some Iridium
    flares, but if there are some other interesting satellites to watch for,
    that would be great.
    Still need ISS, there are some passes the next couple of nights.
    I'm in Eugene Oregon
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