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Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 07:03:15 PDT

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    He was right and wrong.... ISS was doing that a few days ago, on June 5. He
    either had his date wrong or old elements. June 5 was the end of a 4 or 5
    day period where ISS was illuminated continuously and visible on every pass
    all night. At the beginning and end of that period there were a few orbits
    where ISS would go into shadow for just a couple minutes then back to
    sunlight. Try running it around 4UT on June 5 and see what SatSpy shows. I
    use Nova for Windows and I find it is pretty accurate regarding shadow
    immersion times. Every program is a little different regarding where they
    draw the terminator, spacecraft horizon, whether they use center vs limb of
    Sun, etc.
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    > Satellites can certainly go into eclipse and emerge a few minutes
    > later still above the horizon. I have seen this on a few occasions.
    > If the duration is only 2 minutes then the eclipse would be slight,
    > and the brightness would dim by perhaps 1 magnitude.
    > In the case quoted (ISS eclipse entry Jun 11 2215) it will not exit
    > until 2250 over the southern Indian Ocean, so there must be a problem
    > with Alphonse Pouplier's predictions.
    > Mike Waterman
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