Re: Awesome ISS photos. Have you considered this?

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 08:20:08 PDT

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    >      From what I remember, Dave Cash was getting about 20 frames per 50
    mb animation, ie. 20
    >hits per 1000 frames, or 2%.
    Align the scope so that you can follow ISS in RA only.  This involves
    setting the polar axis to the point opposite the ISS culmination point.
    For example, if ISS culminates at 40 degrees elevation and 190 degrees
    azimuth, then the polar axis must point to azimuth 10 (190-180)
    and an elevation of 180-(40+90)= 50 degrees.
    I used it on Mir and it worked reasonable well.  Seems like this should
    improve your "hit rate."
    Ron Lee
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