Re: Lunar transits by satellites

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 19:47:04 PDT

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    I am still waiting to catch a transit across the moon, one of this days I 
    catch one. I also plan to try and watch a lit geo sat cross the moon, as the 
    event will take longer to occur compared to a low earth sat transit. Thats 
    after I get a telescope.
    And once rob has the time to add the option I wanted to skymap -  finding 
    sunlit satellite transits across the moon, in a dark sky, it will be even 
    easier to find transits. While skymap can predict sunlit sat transits, it 
    doesn't right now take in account the effect of the sun being above or below 
    the horizon, when doing a search for days in advanced using the All 
    satellite search menu. I can't see a sat transit across the moon, when the 
    sun above the horizon. So It will be great when skymap takes in account the 
    sun being above or below the horizon, as seen from my location - then it 
    will only produce a list of sunlit sat transits across the moon when the sky 
    is dark, based on the elevation of the sun using the info found in the 
    lighting constraints menu.
    Keep up the good work rob.
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