RE: ISS and a Pyro display!

From: Musson Bruce E (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 05:09:18 PDT

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    Great description... 
    No excitement for me this year(Saturday night)... lots of clouds,... but at
    last years fireworks in Dundas, Ontario, I made 
    sure I checked to see what stars/planets were going to be around that night,
    and if there were any flares/satellites/ISS.
    As you descibe perfectly "I was torn between watching the pyrotechnics" or
    the stars/planets becoming visible, satellites, and two flares also visible
    that night.
    As I sat there, I realized that I was probably the only one of quite a few
    hundred people that knew where to look, and knew what I saw when the Iridium
    As as child I wanted to be an astronaut... and disqualified myself from that
    when I started wearing glasses, but 
    my life has been invaded by the irresistable urge to watch rocket launches,
    launch my own models, watch Lunar landings, 
    experience Mars Pathfinder, Iridiums, etc. and as you perfectly described
    something that I can't never explain to others around me.
    	I feel that "strange sense of comradery with a glowing spot of light
    hurtling through space some hundreds of miles away"
    	Thank you, for that description... it's the only way to say it !
    	Bruce Musson 
    	Ontario, Canada.
    43.2630N  79.8103W
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    > Moments later I was torn between watching the pyrotechnics or the
    > station---a tough decision for me.  
    > What a treat.  Something to write on the kitchen calendar.
    > Tom
    > Iowa
    > USA
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