Re: Gorizont 16, continued

Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 18:30:48 PDT

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    In a message dated 6/3/2001 14:46:18, writes:
    >The other day Robert Fenske reported on Gorizont 16 (88-071A, 19397), 
    I was able to see two of its flashes at about
    >6:16:31 and 6:19:40, which means that it may be visible over a lot of 
    >the Americas from Atlantic to Pacific.  It appears to flash for hours 
    >each evening to at least as bright as +4.5 
    Last night whilst observing from Point Lobos, San Francisco at the SFAA city 
    star party I also had a nice observation of Gorizont 16 through my 80mm 
    scope. Having repaired my stopwatch since last weeks observations I managed 
    to time a flash period of 94.59s (timed over End of obs=05:17UT, 3rd June 
    2001). The intial flashes seemed no brighter than mag +7 or +8, but by the 
    end of the observation the flashes had brightened to perhaps magnitude +5. 
    Again I also looked for Gorizont 23, but nothing was visible with my 
    I noticed the geoflashers Superbird A & TDF-1 are well placed for 
    observations from my site, does anyone have any idea of time of flash maxima 
    for either of these satellites?
    Best wishes,
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