Questionable TDRS-H Timeline

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 15:47:30 PDT

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    I just saw a Florida Today article that mentions a Centaur being
    on the upcoming TDRS-H launch and that it is to place it to GEO 
    altitude.  However, the ILAM data I have and corresponding
    elset provided suggests that there either is no Centaur (since
    payload separation occurs just after insertion into the transfer 
    orbit), OR the Centaur only makes one burn.
    I checked the mass of TDRS-H and it seemed well within the range
    of the Centaur for GEO insertion (not just transfer orbit).
    The TDRS-H satellite also has what is called an apogee motor which
    suggests that it completes the orbit maneuvers.
    In any case, the elset provided yesterday does not get to GEO
    altitude so something within this set of "facts" is inconsistent.
    Ron Lee
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