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Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 13:30:52 PDT

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    At 21:32 29/06/00 +0400, you wrote:
    >This is a Nadezhda, not Nadezhda-M. The latter would be a microsat (some
    >160 kilograms). The former is the standard 2 meters dia 2 meters long
    >of some 850 kilograms. But the orbit is a new one for Nadezhda.
    >Igor Lissov
    Will this satellite be called Nadezhda 6 ?
    Previous Nadezhda satellites were in a 1000km/83deg orbit:
    Nadezhda 1: 89-50A
    Nadezhda 2: 90-17A
    Nadezhda 3: 91-19A
    Nadezhda 4: 94-41A
    Nadezhda 5: 98-72A
    Is the newest Nadezhda of similar design(Tsikada, cospas/sarsat) as the
    previous ones and why this change into(sunsynchronous) orbit ?
    There has never been a sunsynchronous launch for the Kosmos 3M rocket as
    well, I believe.
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