Zvezda and ISS Sightings?

From: CmdrJaycee@aol.com
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 09:31:37 PDT

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    Greetings Seesat:
    I missed much of yesterday's NASA TV press conference about the upcoming July 
    12  Zvezda launch and subsequent ISS docking.  I'm hoping someone can fill in 
    the details.  I heard that the Russian Zvezda module will dock with the ISS 
    14 days after its launch.  I found the time line for orbital events leading 
    up to the docking on page:
    Unfortunately, it doesnt' give times (UTC or otherwise), but simply a daily 
    schedule of events.
    I thought I heard NASA say that the scheduled docking (assuming nominal 
    launch) would be 10:30 PM Central Time (Houston time) on the 26th, so that 
    the docking would occur over Russia and in daylight.  However looking at the 
    time line above, perhaps NASA meant the 26th in Russia, but the 25th in the 
    Does anyone know when the docking is scheduled in UT terms?  
    Also, does anyone know for how long, of that 14 days prior to docking, Zvezda 
    and the ISS will be orbiting in close proximity?  Heavens-Above shows some 
    early morning passes for the ISS for the US East Coast on the 22th-26th.  I'm 
    just trying to get some sense of what we might get to see.
    Jim Cook
    Germantown, MD
    39.2N, 77.3W
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