Ofeq 3

From: Phillip Clark (psclark@dircon.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 09:30:20 PDT

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    When it was launched Ofeq 3 was 3-axis stabilised, unlike the previous two
    Ofeq satellites which were spin-stabilised.
    Unfortunately, from my latitude the satallite cannot be seen, and so I
    would be interested in hearing from anyone who has done visual
    observations of the satellite.   I would be interested to learn whether
    anyone spotted when the 3-axis stabilisation ended - assuming that it has
    done - and when the satellite started to tumble in orbit.   Clearly, the
    satellite was manoeuvring through to January last year, and therefore I
    assume that it was being stabilised possibly for much of last year.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Phillip Clark
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    Specialist in "space archeology" - the older and more obscure the more 
    interesting it is !
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