Satettite ID Check

From: Pat Curran (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 03:02:11 PDT

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    Hi Group,
                    I am in the process of adding bright satellites to a group
    file (BEST4MAG.SAT) for use with SatellitePro tracking software. Scanning
    the output from the Heavens Above site each night for my location, I pull
    any objects from my main satellite database file SAT.PRO, which give a mag
    +4 or brighter pass and add them to the group file.
    I have a problem in identifying four objects on the Heavens Above site, all
    of which make regular bright passes over my location. Heavens Above has the
    same name on all four - "SL-16 Rocket"
    They are:
    #25400 ... ... (Resurs1-4r)
    #25407 ... ... (Cosmo2360r)
    #25861 ... ... (SL-16r)
    #26070 ... ... (26070)
    The names in brackets are the names these objects have in my main database
    Can anyone tell me if the names in brackets are correct for these objects?
    With Thanks,
    Pat Curran
    [][ ]
    SE Ireland (Co. Kilkenny)  52.4369N 6.9761W 80M
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