The Cosmos 1077 decay

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 09:18:11 PDT

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    1979-012A (#11268) Cosmos 1077
    SpaceCom has released with about 6 hours delay their FINAL REPORT - prepared
    June 26, 21:32 UTC with an unchanged time and position in comparison with
    their 2 HOURS BEFORE DECAY message :
                         26 June, 15:37 UTC (73.9N, 95.6E)
    But - big surprise - the decay windows is now  +/- 01 minutes  instead of
    originally  +/- 02 hours. The reentry trajectory  crossed - far away from
    US ground stations - Russia with its final point at a remote region in North
    Siberia. A possible explanation is an observation of this impressive reentry
    (4000 kg !) from orbit with a DSP - satellite. A mystery remains - at least 
    for me: The perfect indentity of times, positions and TRAJECTORIES BEFORE
    DECAY of the two messages. 
    BTW: Alan and I predicted the decay significantly earlier as SpaceCom....
    Berlin, Germany
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