Cosmos 1077

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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 21:45:32 PDT

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    I just observed Cosmos 1077 this evening using the pass prediction
    from Heavens-Above. It caught me by surprise being a couple minutes
    early. Fortunately I had my watch in my hand and had the presence of
    mind to start the timer as it passed a star. I have it passing close
    to Epsilon Bootes at 21:11:49 pdt June 25, 2000 (04:11:49 utc June
    25, 2000).
    According to Heavens Above the object range for me at zenith
    was 196 km.
    Brightness was steady throughout the pass maxing out at near the
    predicted 1.7.
    It was definitely a fast mover. I had an airliner passing along
    the same south to north path on it's way into the LAX approach
    traffic. For a while 1077 was actually catching up to the
    airliner, and I'm sure an untrained eye might have mistaken the
    scene for a missile homing in on the plane. That would have made
    some awesome video.
    Shortly after this I saw an unid moving at moderate speed south
    to north through Bootes. It was the rapid twinkling that caught
    my attention. It reminded me of a pass of USA 32 I once.
    Anyway, as I write this I checked for USA 32 passes on Heavens
    Above at lo and behold, there is a pass the fits my observation
    Buena Park, CA
      33 51' 13.48"
    -118 01' 42.69"
    30 meters
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