NASA Wallops Rocket Launch

From: Keith Stein (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 23:23:24 PDT

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    NASA Wallops Rocket Launch
    A NASA Nike Black-Brant sounding rocket is schedule for launch this week
    from Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia.
    Launch windows following;
    -June 21, between 02:00 UTC and 08:00 UTC
    -June 22, between 03:30 UTC and 08:00 UTC
    Frequencies to monitor;
    121.700 MHz- Patuxent Clearance Delivery
    121.950 MHz- Range Surveillance Aircraft (King Air 720C)
    126.500 MHz- NASA Wallops Tower
    132.550 MHz- Washington Center
    311.200 MHz- Range Surveillance Aircraft (King Air 720C)
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