re-entries in Jun. 9?

From: Jin Zhu (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 06:40:57 PDT

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    I just went back from Tibet last Saturday, and got a phone call this
    morning from a friend of mine, Mr. Zhenshi Wang, an experienced amateur 
    on astrophotography as well as some meteor observations in recent year.
    He described two fireballs observed in Jun. 9th during their observation
    at the Xinglong station of my observatory (where I made most of my
    meteor observations these years). I try to write down all details as
    I heard, and please help to figure out whethere there were any possible
    satellite decays/reentries happened in that period and location. The 
    fireballs(?) were slow and long-arc, so it might not be meteors.
    Observer: Zhenshi Wang (as well as some of other amateurs)
    LOCATION: Long: 117 d 34' 42" East; Lat: 40 d 23' 47" North
    Place: Xinglong, Hebei, CHINA       Elevation: 860 m.
    Date: Jun. 9, 2000
    Event 1: 14:19 UT, mag = -4, from beneath the North Pole, through Draco
    and Lyra, to Aquila in the Milky Way.
    Event 2: 14:22 UT, mag = -7, blue color, from above Scorpius, through
    in between Aquarius and Serpens, to Altair, broken into several pieces
    at the end of journey
    With my best regards, Jin
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