Sat decay archives?

From: Robert Rodriguez (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 21:17:54 PDT

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    With the recent high-profile demise of the CGRO, I began thinking about a
    re-entry that I observed from my location sometime during the latter half of
    the 1980's.  (I was rather young when I observed the decay, which is why I
    am unable to specify an exact year when it occurred.)
    It was a spectacular decay that traversed a substantial angular portion of
    the sky.  The object was in at least two pieces, as there were two very
    distinct plasma/vapor trails (reddish-orange as I recall).  The object's
    trajectory was roughly NNE with a relatively low velocity, which, coupled
    with the duration of the event, leads me to suspect that it was an
    artificial satellite rather than a meteoroid.  I could be wrong, though.
    This all leads me to my question:  does there exist an online database in
    which known satellite decays are recorded by location?
    Thanks to anyone who can help satiate my curiosity concerning the identity
    of this long-deceased object.
    Robert Rodriguez
    +40.271 Lat.
    -103.8302 Long.
    1310 m
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