Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 18:17:04 PDT

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    This is my first post, so hello!
    I've been amateur-ing since July of '94, when I finished building my 6"
    Dobsonian from a library book to watch the comet crash into Jupiter.  Since
    then I have been an avid observer and I picked up satellite chasing about 3
    years ago.  Memorable events for me have been the sight of the Shuttle as it
    ejected waste water while passing over (it looked like a huge flying "J"),
    the night the constellation Delphinius split into two parts as I watched (my
    first NOSS trio sighting...) I saw a shuttle launch in '97 and I have a half
    hour of stick time in the Full Motion Shuttle simulator at NASA Ames in
    Calif.  I hope to see a decay some time too.
    I enjoy impresing my coworkers with flare predictions and ISS/MIR sightings.
    About 2 years ago I was observing sunspots at about 10 A.M. PDT when a
    mysterious circular object flew through my field of view (at about 120X).
    Since I'm on a dob mount, I felt compelled to follow it and immediately lost
    it when I drew away from the sun. I surmised it to be a satellite but only
    recently I began to wonder if something like this could be plotted as well.
    So, being a fan of IRIDFLAR, and, and David Ransom's
    STSPLUS software I wonder if anyone could recommend a method to predict a
    satellite's transit between my driveway and the sun or moon?
    Any thoughts?
    Thank you!
    Gary Wells
    40.177663,  -105.081182
    Colorado, USA
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