Re: Strange sight last night

From: James Lofton (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 11:44:43 PDT

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    > but motion, if any, was fairly slight.  There appeared to be a slightly oval
    > source to the light, but that was probably an artifact of the binox (they
    > live in the trunk of the car and get beaten around alot) or my astigmatism.
    > I decided to get the telescope (home-brew 8-inch Dobsonian) out and on it in
    > a hurry...but I didn't hurry enough.  By the time I got it out of the garage
    > a minute later the light had gone.
    Have you ruled out a high altitude WX balloon.? They can look just the way you
    describe this, and if the lighting is just so, and they "pull the plug" on the
    pay load and collapse the bag, it will go from a bright star to "nothing" in
    just a second.
    They launch them just a few miles from me and I have seen this many times.
    N34.30479 W103.31255
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