RE: Strange sight last night

Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 11:56:33 PDT

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    Allen, Antonin, et al.:
    Thanks for the quick response on this.  I'm looking into the probability
    that this was a weather baloon released by NWS Sterling, VA, but the
    coincidence with the sky position of Cosmos 382 got my attention as well.
    It certainly sounds like this is a big hunk of ironmongery.  The question in
    my mind is whether it has any bright flat reflective surfaces that could
    cause it to appear at mag -3 for a minute or 2 in bright twilight?
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    > Geoff Chester said,
    > > Running several sat-tracking programs, the concensus was 
    > that Cosmos 382
    > > (04786 70103A) was in the right place at the right time.  
    > Has anyone ever
    > > seen a bright long-lived "flare" off this bird?  Does 
    > anyone know what
    > kind
    > > of satellite it is?  It seems to be in a fairly high orbit...
    > It seems to be a Soyuz+Blok D remnant left over from the Soviet lunar
    > landing program. See
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