Skymap 6.4 Ansi.sys is solved!

From: Geoff Hart (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 03:46:51 PDT

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    This is a collective thank you to everyone who replied to my email regarding
    the ANSI.SYS riddle! The puzzle you will be glad to know has been solved.
    The only config.sys that I had was one named
    Obviously (now!) this was not being run directly from C:
    All of your input was most useful and Dale Ireland pointed me in the right
    direction with his mention of going to SYSTEM TOOLS. It was there (having
    not ventured that far into the dark realms of the computer maze before) that
    I found a tab marked config.sys. I entered the command line there and lo and
    behold, a C: based config.sys was born!
    Program and computer operator are doing fine thank you with sats whizzing
    all over the screen.
    I use  a few programs, STSPlus, Quicksat, Iridflar, Element Manager, the
    excellent Satspy (I believe a new version is on it's way) Satellite Tracker
    for LX200 which is quick and informative.
    Mainly STS/Satspy and always Quicksat.
    Many thanks to you all from constant clear night skies out here in the
    desert and 100degrees F plus in the shade at the moment.
    Special thanks to Ron Lee for the extra ANSI.SYS files, they are being held
    in the vaults!
    All the best
    Geoff (and Flossie the camel!)
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