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Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 16:45:50 PDT

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    > Both bodies sure look like captured asteroids, but Mars is an 
    > unpromising
    > body to perform such a capture into the moons' present orbits.  
    > Various
    > alternative explanations have been offered for where they came from, 
    > but the
    > whole matter is still very murky.
    A theory that I subscribe to is that there was once a fifth planet,
    between present-day Mars and Jupiter.  It exploded (one possibility -
    nuclear weapons), creating the asteroid belt.  Mars was a moon of the
    planet.  It's orbit was altered, and it captured two of the fragments in
    the process.
    The Face?  A monument.
    > Me, I think they're artificial satellites, and thus on-charter for 
    > SeeSat.
    > (Not really) ;-)
    There are exciting plans for the future, to one day turn the two Martian
    moons into space stations or refueling depots.
    Jonathan Wojack
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