Intelsat 5-3 R obs

From: Skywise (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 02:26:15 PDT

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    I've lurked for quite some time on this list but have not really
    contributed much. I've learned quite a bit just from reading
    this list. Normally I'm just a casual satellite observer but this
    time I had a chance to make a lengthy observation. I hope this
    contribution is of use.
    Anyway, I was using SatSpy to look for interesting passes and saw
    that Intelsat 5-3 R (13007 or 81119B, take your pick) was making
    a fairly slow pass and might be within reach of my scope, so just
    for the heck of it I decided to try to observe it with my little
    6" newt from my suburban LA location. I successfully found it and
    tracked it for about 30 minutes. I see it's a slow flasher and
    decided to time it. I counted 100 flashes lasting 11 min 40.15 sec
    for a flash period of almost exactly 7 seconds.
    I am admittedly inexperienced at estimating magnitudes but I would
    say the brightest flashes were just a bit brighter than mag 6.
    Sometimes it seemed that the flashes were actually two closely
    spaced flashes but it was hard to tell for sure. In between flashes
    it's magnitude varied between being totally invisible and just
    barely visible, this over a period of minutes.
    Also, as best as I can compare, it was on track and on time within
    1 second. I observed the sat from about June 10, 5:45UT to about
    6:15UT (10:45pm to 11:15pm local PDT).
    I'm particularly impressed with myself being a novice and being
    able to acquire and track a satellite at a range in excess of 10000
    km. I credit SatSpy's real-time sky plot for this feat.
    Buena Park, CA
      33 51' 13.48"
    -118 01' 42.69"
    ~30 meters
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