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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:48:21 PDT

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    > the image. However, if either of these were a re-entering satellite, I
    > would have expected it to traverse a much greater distance of sky (if
    > not the entire sky) during the period. As it is, my guess is that
    > neither moved more than 30 degrees at most, and possibly much less.
    > ...
    > I am convinced that the second object is an aircraft condensation trail
    > which is shining brightly via forward scattering as it is viewed in the
    > western sky above the Sun. The Sun itself is hidden behind a building
    I reported an event which looked very similar to this, a few months ago.
    I did not witness it first-hand, but I saw the video shown on Swedish TV,
    and an astronomer explained it as an Earth-skimming meteor. A few days
    later, one of the serious UFO organizations in Sweden had obtained radar
    recordings from flight controllers, and determined it was an aircraft.
    The video was very convincing, though.
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