Big solar flare/Observations, 06-08, UT.

Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 18:33:51 PDT

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    > Wherein it sayeth: "A powerful X-class solar flare erupted from 
    > active
    > region 9026 today at 1530 UT."
    > Something like this happened during the previous solar maximum and 
    > caused
    > considerable confusion in the satellite-tracking world.   Might be
    > worthwhile to follow this one fairly closely.  The photons have 
    > already
    > started to arrive and should have begun heating up/expanding  the 
    > upper
    > atmosphere sixish hours ago.  More excitement to follow, one 
    > expects.
    01:37:00, I tried to see UARS (21701) (it was supposed to be within a
    binocular field of the 1st quarter Moon, but it never showed up.  My
    elset was only about 30 hours old - solar plasma activity perhaps? 
    Altitude of the satellite: 570 km.
    02:00:00, I saw ADEOS (24277), but it was 75 seconds early, and passed 10
    degrees lower than predicted.  The elset was only about 20 hours old at
    the time.  Once again I must ask - solar plasma activity???  Altitude of
    the satellite: 800 km.
    02:32:15, I saw the Lacrosse 3 Rocket (25018), but it was 45 seconds
    late, and disappeared 75 seconds early.  Elset age - 20 hours.  SOLAR
    PLASMA???  Altitude of the satellite: 475 km.
    02:45:15, I saw the Resurs 1-4 Rocket (25400), but it was several
    magnitudes fainter than predicted (O.K., it is a rocket body, no cause
    for alarm), but it seemed to disappear several minutes early (we're
    talking in the range of 200 to 300 seconds).  Altitude of the satellite:
    815 km.
    Has anyone observed anything like this - seemingly the affects of a space
    weather storm?
    Jonathan Wojack
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